Welcome to counterglow @ siren.org!

This website caters to 100x100 icons for LiveJournal and similar online journaling/blogging sites. The icons on this site are meant only for LiveJournal, DeadJournal, Blurty, GreatestJournal, etc, and should not be used on any other type of site without permission from me.

On this site, you will find mostly customized icons that I have created. If you're looking for icon bases, then please check out counterglow, which is my icon community on LiveJournal. Any bases I make will be posted there. Note that some of the icons posted here may appear to be bases, but in fact much work was put into them as the original images needed major cleaning up.

My Rules:

1. No hotlinking. Download the iconsand upload them to your own server. DO NOT link them back to siren.org. I pay for my bandwidth, and unless you plan on sending me a check, I expect you to find your own way of hosting. Click here for a list of free image hosts where you can store your stuff.

2. Credit. I have spent a lot of time working on these customized icons. If you plan on using an icon, please credit me as "counterglow" somehow - either by mentioning it or putting a button in your user info, or putting "counterglow" in the icon's keywords. Just please remember to give me credit.

3. Don't ask, just take. You don't have to email me and ask if it's okay to use an icon. If you like one, just take it! But, please credit me if you happen to use it.

I occasionally might feature my own photography in my icons! My husband Adrian & I are "The Wedding Couple" and we photograph weddings all over south Florida. Check out our website to see some of my photographic work!

This site was created by Karen, a twenty-four year old geek-girl from Tamarac, Florida. Find out more about me by visiting my website at siren.org!

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