Here are a list of icons that have won awards on the various LiveJournal icon communities. Please feel free to nominate me on any of the LiveJournal award communities! :) Just let me know if I happen to have won something, if I'm not a member of that community.

Best Caption
Midclass Icons

Best Humor
Midclass Icons

Best Still
Midclass Icons

Best Wordless
Midclass Icons

Best Fantasy
Midclass Icons

Best Photo
Midclass Icons

3rd: Wow theme

3rd Place

D. A. D. A.
HP Awards

2nd Place

Mirror of Erised
HP Awards

Best Color
Midclass Icons

Contest communities I participate in:
- midclass_icons
- the_icon_ritz
- i_contest
- lyricontest
- hp_awards
- hp_icontest
- hpicontest
- hp_stillness
- hp_chorus
- hp_hush

Feel free to nominate me at any of the nomination awards communities! :)