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i love my mac

Today I was really happy that I have a Mac and do backups often with the fabulous Time Machine software.

While organizing my Music folder (I am really obsessive about how my music is organized on my computer and iPod), I somehow got distracted and either deleted or misplaced the entire folder that contains all music that I own as completed albums. I tried searching and couldn’t find it anywhere.

I followed Adrian’s advice and restored the folder using Time Machine, and lo and behold… my 20.13 GB of music is back, safe, where it belongs. Yay!

Justin RosenbergApril 19, 2010 - 11:33 pm

I might have to hire you to help me organize my music library — it’s full of great music … but it’s also rather unkempt!

shopping day

Today I slept late (as I have been lately – pregnancy is tiring!). My mom picked me up and we went out to eat at Einstein’s, my favorite bagel place. We normally go out for Thai food, but today my stomach just wasn’t feeling it.

Afterwards, we headed over to Target, where we made some fun finds. It turns out that Target has some really nice maternity clothes by Liz Lange. I got a bunch of nice, colorful tops for the summer and a pair of capri pants. I really wanted to post some pictures of what I found, but the website doesn’t seem to have what I bought listed.

My mom and I also made the discovery that Target now carries beauty products by Boots including the wonderful No. 7 line! When I was a teenager, my parents took me on a European cruise, and while we were in England, we had to stop in a pharmacy…. and naturally headed over to see what kinds of beauty products they sold in the UK. The Boots No. 7 products were just spectacular… I don’t even know how long I held on to the eyeshadows I bought there (probably too long)! So nice to know that I can now get the same great quality products here at the Target five minutes from my house!

Target also carries soooooo many cute baby products and clothes! It seems like anything I need, I’ll be able to find there. I just can’t wait until I find out if I’m having a boy or girl so I can start working on my registry. :)

starlakittyApril 25, 2008 - 10:15 am

i <3 the maternity clothes at target! i think they are really cute – and probably a lot less expensive than actual maternity stores.

first ultrasound!

We had our first ultrasound today! I’m only eight and a half weeks pregnant, so other than get my bloodwork done, there wasn’t much to do at the doctor today when I went in for my appointment.

Since I was my doctor’s last patient of the morning, he had extra time and decided to do something fun…. so he took me and Adrian for an impromptu ultrasound!

It was so neat to see the little tiny tadpole-like baby. It was difficult to see at first because the baby is so tiny right now (just about an inch long!), but we could clearly see the outline of the body and the beating heart! So neat!! I can’t wait for the next one, where we will be able to find out the gender of the baby…. but we’ll have to wait 10 more weeks for that!

My next appointment is in May, and we’ll get to hear the heartbeat then. I can’t wait!

Now that we’ve actually seen the baby on the ultrasound machine, it seems so much more real – much more real than two dark pink lines on a home pregnancy test. There was a little head and a little beating heart. A little person!

lindsayApril 22, 2008 - 9:02 am

awesome karen! i bet that was fun. enjoy every minute of it :) i was considered high risk at the beginning so i had ultrasounds at 5 and 7 and then again at 11. you’ll love the next one because he or she will look fully formed, just super tiny !

tervinApril 22, 2008 - 9:41 am

That’s very exciting!