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Hello, October.

I am once again dreadfully behind in blog posts! Life has just been too interesting to be on the computer lately. I’ve been busy with athletic events (which really require their own post), the kids, and I just returned from a wonderful trip to South Florida to visit my best friends. I do plan to spend some time catching up soon, as there are some things I’d like to jot down, but I noticed this morning while checking my Facebook “on this day” that I have written a blog post on October 1st for the past four or so years – I don’t want to break the tradition!

Over the past week or so, we celebrated the beginning of autumn, a special second new moon in the same month (a “Black Moon”) and our first real cold front of the season! So exciting. The weather this weekend is beautiful, and I’m so excited that we’ll be spending some time outdoors.

As always, here’s my list of local activities and things that I’m excited to do this October!

Decorate for fall and Halloween!

Bake pumpkin bread/muffins, eat ALL of the pumpkin things, and cook chili

Take photos of the changing leaves

Have a family photo session

Plan Zachary’s 8th birthday celebration (!!!!!)

Local activities to possibly attend (some of these are definites – others look like a lot of fun!):

Outdoor activities:

Mind and body:

  • Attend a yoga retreat at Elohee with my yoga studio
  • Participate in the annual Orangetheory Fitness Hell Week

A 14-Year Old Memory

A few weeks ago, I had a flash of a memory of a day on campus at the University of Florida, when I was a student, fourteen years ago. While going through a box of my things, I found an old journal, where I actually wrote an entry about that very morning. It was such a clear memory that I must have felt the need to write it down. I found it so interesting that I thought I would share it here on my blog.

Century Tower

Century Tower at the University of Florida. I wish I had a high-res version of this image!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002, 11:21 AM

I got to school this morning at 11 am. As I walked by Century Tower, the bell started ringing. It was very eerie. On a usual Tuesday morning, campus would be bustling with tons of students walking through Turlington Plaza, but today, though, even my bus was unusually empty. I walked through campus to the Reitz to buy my morning coffee and noticed that the scene at the food court was similar – it’s dead!

Maybe the weather threw everyone for a loop. Despite the humidity, today could be a day right out of an Alaskan summer. It’s about 70° and it’s cloudy enough to start storming at any moment, but I love it.

There are so many things about this place that I’m taking note of, knowing that I’ll be leaving in just a year. I have a feeling that time will pass by quicker than any of us can imagine.

AmyAugust 19, 2016 - 11:33 pm

Did you notice the time of your entry? :) Interesting!

What’s your speed? part 2


{ This was written and originally published on Facebook on June 13, 2016 }

It’s been a year since I decided to get faster. Since I decided to get serious with improving my running. My Self. When my friend Ann told me to set an alarm on my phone for a year from that day asking myself, “What’s my speed?” I set it, but didn’t know what to expect. At that point, the fastest I could run was about 7mph on the treads for my all out. I felt like I would never get any faster. I was still running 14min/mi and dreams of a sub-40 5k were just that – dreams.

Fast forward one year. Not only have I shaved nearly 10 minutes (TEN!!!!!!!!!!) off my 5k PR time in the past year, but I’ve maxed out on the treads at 9.6mph for my all out speed, nearly a 3mph improvement. I’m insanely proud of all I’ve accomplished, but it’s still a little surreal to me. It just shows what time and perseverance will do. Progress, no matter how slow, is still progress.

While you’re in the thick of it, it’s so hard to see the big picture. Looking back on the past year, I am filled with an indescribable feeling. I am beyond grateful for this journey and so very blessed with the people who have guided me through it with their never ending support. The journey goes on – and the alarm is reset for the next year.