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Hi. My name is Karen, and this is my blog. Yes, it’s a mommy blog, and there is plenty of mommy blogging to be done here, but I didn’t always start out as a mommy blogger…

In fact, I’m kind of an internet dinosaur of sorts. I have had a Web site and blog since I was about thirteen (though back then we didn’t call it blogging), and I have owned this site, siren.org, since I was fifteen! Click here to learn more about the history of siren.org! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for so long – it’s been such an adventure, and boy is it a different blogging world now than it was back then! I started journaling my thoughts online in 1996 or so, before I even knew what a “blog” was.

I met my husband when I was 19, we got married when I was 21, and I became a mommy at age 26 for the first time, and 29 for the second time. I’m currently thirty-two years old, and my husband, Adrian, and I live in the northeast ‘burbs of Atlanta, Georgia (we moved from our home of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in March of 2015). We have two incredibly handsome and adorable boys, Zachary (born November 2008) and Will (born June 2012). We used to have a dog – the most adorable mini dachshund ever, Maya – but sadly, she passed away in 2014.

I used to be a vacation planner, a sales person, and a teacher. Thankfully, I no longer maintain a boring 9-5 job and I get to work for myself doing something I love. I am a professional photographer, and I photograph beautiful portraits and weddings. My style is a blend of photojournalism, lifestyle, and fashion, with a good dose of emotion and fine art. If you’re at all interested in my photography, please check out my website for Karen Lisa Artistic Photography. I have a photography blog, too, where I post my clients’ photos.

I’ve been blogging off and on for a long time, mainly on private platforms like LiveJournal – but I started this particular blog in March 2008 when I found out that I was pregnant. I wanted to keep up with friends, show off my belly pics and share info about my pregnancy in an really easy way. Now it’s filled with my thoughts, rants, and of course, amazing photos of the cutest little boys in the world!

Two little babies in a crib... Hehe ;) #babygram #babies

Over the years I’ve really enjoyed writing about my life and sharing my opinions with others. When I started blogging, I was a teenager, part of a little clique that I thought would last forever. Then in college I got really interested in graphic design and Harry Potter (don’t laugh.. I love me some HP) and started posting a lot of design work on my website. I didn’t blog too much after I got married, and my little clique had pretty much dissipated and was no longer posting as much. Now that I’m a Mom, I know I’m a part of a different clique which truly will last forever. Being a mom is something that I will be my entire life, and it’s so much fun to share my thoughts, knowledge, and ideas with other fun moms!

If there’s anything you want to say or ask, please feel free to email me at gypsy @ siren.org (remove the spaces to ensure you’re a real person). I’m notoriously bad at email, but I will try to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. :)

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