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Wordless Wednesday: My Zachary

I’ve been posting lots of photos of William here lately, but don’t think I haven’t been neglecting my little Zachary! As he’s gotten older, he doesn’t enjoy being photographed as much as he did when he was little, so I get what I get!

However, the end of the school year is coming up, and he’s “graduating” from Pre-K soon! I asked him to do a mini-photoshoot with me so that I could put together his yearbook ad, and am just in love with this photo that I took of him. I wanted to share it here for the photo of the week.

Can’t believe he is nearly 5.5 years old and that in a few months, I will have a Kindergartener.

Zachary © KarenLisa.com 2014

My sweet boy asked if we could take a picture of ourselves together after I photographed him. I didn’t really have the right lens on my camera and I wasn’t wearing makeup and my hair didn’t look great, but how can you refuse that face? We took a picture together. :)

Karen & Zachary © KarenLisa.com 2014


New, Beautiful Maleficent Movie Poster

Summer movies are the best. And I’ve been excited about MALEFICENT since it was announced a few years ago! Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite Disney movie, so when I heard about MALEFICENT, I was simply thrilled! I love that Angelina Jolie has the starring role, and I can’t wait to see how they spin this story. Yes, pun intended. ;)

I got an email this morning showing off the newest poster and couldn’t help throwing together a quick blog post to show it off. Check out Angelina’s eyes in that photo. Creepy awesome.

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MALEFICENT releases in theaters everywhere on May 30th!