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Running in head-first

So, being new to Georgia, I need to develop a social life and find things to do. I’m not doing much photography at the moment, just soaking in my new surroundings, enjoying some time being a stay at home mom, and getting my house in order (who knew we had so much stuff? now we have to unpack it all!).

Since I’ve fallen off the healthy train a bit over the past couple weeks, I decided to put my health and fitness back at the forefront of my life and make that my new “job” – I’m going to be back at Orangetheory Fitness 2-3 times per week, walking in my neighborhood, and I just went ahead and registered for a bunch of 5k’s and runs.

Here is a shot of me at Orangetheory yesterday morning! I had a great class, and my coach, Risa, was awesome and very motivating. I am really enjoying my new studio.

Had a great session this morning at #OTFsuwaneebrookwood! Love my new studio here in GA! #OTF #orangetheory #orangetheoryfitness #otfstrong #otbeat #whatsyourallout #basepushalloutrepeat #loveotf #fitness #fitspo #fitmom #fitfam #igersatl #igersatlanta #f

The first race that I signed up for is THIS WEEKEND. In downtown Atlanta. Yes, apparently I’m crazy.

At Orangetheory yesterday, I ran a mile in a little over 14 minutes, and I was pretty winded – I probably could not maintain that pace for a 5k, but that’s okay. I am hoping to get a few more OTF sessions in this week to get some more practice, though. At my last 5k back in November, my average pace was 14:01 and I finished the race in 43:31. I am NOT a fast runner, and I don’t intend to PR on this run, but it’s at a super old cemetery, so if anything, it’s going to be awesome. I plan to have fun and burn some calories! If I manage to PR…. that will be a HUGE added bonus!!

Here is what I’m signed up for now. ATL friends, let me know if you’re planning on signing up for any of these or if you are already registered!

I’m especially excited about the trail runs! I love hiking, so this should just be a really fun extension of that. One of the reasons we chose this part of the country to relocate to was because of all the outdoor activities available, and now I feel like I am really going to be taking advantage of everything. Yay!

Are you signed up for any races you’re looking forward to this spring?



Hello from Georgia!

Hi, remember me? Sorry to everyone wondering where I went. Things got a little crazy as we were packing up our home in Florida and preparing for our move to Georgia!

We moved into our new home in the Northeast Atlanta suburbs on March 25th, and couldn’t be happier!

My boys were very excited to help with all the packing. Here they are back in South FL, before we closed up the truck.

We have so much stuff!! #moving  #southflorida #igersftl #igersatl #kids #myboys #momlife #brothers #boymom

And here are me and Adrian on our first day moving into the house!

A fun snap in front of the new place - all moved in! #atlanta #weloveatl #igersatl #moving #happy

When we moved in, things were just starting to bloom. I was amazed at how beautiful everything was – and still am. Here are the daffodils that were growing by my mailbox. All the trees here in the area are bright green – or bursting with flowers. I can’t wait to share all the photos on my blog!

So #beautiful! I have #daffodils by my mailbox! #springtime #blooms #atlanta #weloveatl #igersatl #flowers #yellow

Our new backyard is incredibly beautiful, and as you can see by the photo below, the light is perfection. A photographer’s dream! Not only can you hear birds chirping and singing all day long, but there are adorable woodland animals that live in my backyard. WOODLAND ANIMALS. THAT LIVE. IN MY BACKYARD. You guys know my obsession with lizards, guys… Well. Now we have a chipmunk and squirrels and A BUNNY living just inches (okay, a few feet) away. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

Enjoying the fading #sunlight and our incredibly amazing #backyard!!!! #sunflare #brothers #myboys #mylife #myview #boymom #thisisthelife #momlife #northgeorgia #atlanta #weloveatl #iloveatl #happy #igersatl

This is a picture of our first Sunday enjoying the beautiful scenery in the yard. It’s crazy that in just 2 weeks of living here, everything has turned green and filled in. I’ll definitely be doing a spring progression blog post very soon, with photos of the backyard over the past two weeks, because it’s too cool not to share.

#sundaymorning #pretty #backyard #northgeorgia #atlanta #cummingGA #trees #nature #momlife #igersatl #georgia #iloveatl #weloveatl #sunlight

We love the sunroom. The view every day is simply magical.

William enjoyed playing in the sunroom/playroom this afternoon. It was a marvelously beautiful day! #atlanta #northgeorgia #cummingGA #weloveatl #iloveatl #kids #igersatl #boymom #myboys #toddler #toddlerlife

Living here has been wonderful. Of course, I miss everyone back in Florida, but being here has been exactly what we needed! Our boys are happy, we are happy, and life is so beautifully amazing when I walk outside my door that I can hardly believe it’s MINE!

More photos and musings about our life here coming soon! I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve been thinking about, and catch up a bit on my blog.


JoyApril 13, 2015 - 12:21 pm

Welcome to Georgia! You’re right, everything suddenly blossomed (and pollinated all over EVERYTHING). Glad you’re enjoying it so far :)
I am also in North Georgia and moved here less than a year ago (from Wisconsin)… depending on where you are, something fun and free to check out is Avalon mall in Alpharetta. Brand new, and sooo family friendly and beautiful. Again, welcome!
Joy´s last blog post … House Buying Journey (Part 5)

Our big news is Blog Official – We’re moving!

As I blogged earlier this year, we were planning to move to North GA this summer. If we are Facebook friends, you likely already know this news, but if not, here it is! Well, sometimes things change! We are not going to be moving this summer. We are moving NEXT WEEK!!! My dream house presented itself and we had to act fast if we wanted to live there. I have never been more nervous waiting to see if we would get the house, but we did, and I am so grateful and excited to be moving in! It’s going to be an amazing place for my two boys to live and grow. I know we are going to be so happy there. We are also looking forward to living less than 10 minutes from my parents, once again.

Unfortunately, this leaves me with very little time to see all of my friends, visit my favorite places, and say goodbye in person to everyone I want to see, but we are very excited about living in this beautiful house!